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The Personal Operating System (POS)




Corporate management could be said to be about institutions, systems, procedures, processes, and many other things, but entrepreneurship is really about one thing and one thing only: the entrepreneur.


Our framework is an entrepreneur-centric framework, and at the core of the start-up's founder isis the personal operating system (POS) of the entrepreneur. The POS is who she or he really is.


Every entrepreneur needs a set of minimum root qualities to get the startup off the ground. These are the intrinsic qualities that are almost impossible to give to others. These qualities are:


1. Passion and focus

2. Risk-tolerance and the sleep factor

3. Gut feel and common sense

4. Guts and stamina

5. IQ and EQ

6. Luck/blessing and health.


A startup has no track record, no brand, and often very little money. All of the staff, customers, suppliers, and investors are simply putting their trust in the entrepreneur. More importantly, there’s another consideration that is directly tied to the root qualities, and that is that repellant characters destroy trust.


Confucius, the Chinese sage who laid his invaluable precepts precisely for leaders and officials, listed thirteen key virtues that are invaluable to all good leaders. These values are kindness, righteousness, respectfulness, wisdom, trustworthiness, loyalty, courage, being incorruptible, having a sense of shame, caring for the old, caring for the young, being self-correcting, and being forgiving.


These old-fashioned virtues might be nice-to-haves for the entrepreneur, but the anti-virtues (which we call the viruses) certainly are must-not-haves. The viruses are very repulsive, and they can only destroy trust. For example, you would not want to work with someone who is unkind to you, unfair, rude to you, does stupid things that directly affect you, betrays you, or holds a grudge against you. In short, the viruses are must-not-haves.








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