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Praise for The First 10 Yards


“Po Chung co-founded DHL International and successfully developed it into a leading logistics operator and a globally recognized brand. In The First Ten Yards, Po Chung draws on the breadth and depth of his experience at DHL as well as case studies from around the world to provide invaluable insights into the skills required for entrepreneurial success. Simple and practical, the book provides a wealth of guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Li Ka-Shing, KBE, GBM
Chairman of Cheung Kong (Holdings) and Hutchison Whampoa






“An excellent piece of work—spiritually inspiring and down-to-earth practical. It is rare that a book written from such practical insights comes along. If you don’t ‘get’ this book then you will have missed the whole point of entrepreneurship!”

Wolfgang Grulk
Author of Ten Lessons from the Future and
CEO of FutureWorld International, Gibraltar







The First Ten Yards is an excellent book for entrepreneurs who want to create a lasting successful business. The Five Dynamics model that Po Chung teaches should be mandatory training for every MBA student. I wish I’d known these principles years ago. What I learned in the first hour of reading could have saved me 20 years and several million dollars. Get it. Read it. Use it.”

Robert G. Allen
Author of the New York Times bestsellers
Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income
and The One Minute Millionaire






“One of the most comprehensive books on the topic of entrepreneurship, the Five Dynamics framework focuses the entrepreneur on the really important stuff: keeping lean and mean, sales, making things work, and finding the right garage team.”

Stan Shih
Founder of Acer Group and Chairman of iDSoftCapital Group






“This book is one of the very best on the topic of entrepreneurship, offering hundreds of stories from real entrepreneurs at DHL and other startups in Asia and the United States.”

Michael Ying
Former Chairman of Esprit Holdings






“A landmark book, without question one of the most original books on entrepreneurship, The First Ten Yards challenges the basic approach to entrepreneurship that is followed by so many top business schools. Very
thought provoking.”

Sir Gordon Wu, GBS, KCMG
Chairman of Hopewell Holdings






The First Ten Yards is a unique book on entrepreneurship written by Hong Kong’s first truly global entrepreneur that combines penetrating insight, systematic theorizing, and deep knowledge of human motivation and its cultural context. It gets inside the mind and heart of DHL International’s co-founder. Reading this book may well be the best investment you can make to challenge yourself after the recent global financial fallout.”

Richard Wong
Professor of Economics and Provost
at the University of Hong Kong



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