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Can the 5 Dynamics be taught?




Yes, entrepreneurship can be taught.


The final stage we wanted to complete before putting together our book was to test the validity of our model by seeing how it fared in a classroom setting. We wondered whether or not one could really teach entrepreneurship. Our inclination was towards a resounding yes, entrepreneurship can be taught.


We believe entrepreneurship is made up of a set of qualities, and that these qualities can be taught if you know how to separate them and make them compelling.


An entrepreneur is a special kind of general manager, one who spends his or her hours conceiving of new business solutions. More specifically, not only does an entrepreneur dream up new ideas, he or she has the vision and drive to act and make those ideas come into being. And yet, if one doesn’t have a framework to work from, it can be very mysterious and even chaotic.


Point being that if you have a map and legend to read that map, then you can cover the territory by taking it one step at a time. For the budding entrepreneur hoping to succeed, the best approach would be to ask how to improve his or her various entrepreneurial dynamics. Improvement of a person’s entrepreneurial qualities is possible, and the better one’s five dynamics are, the better a person’s chances of success.










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