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Bio-computers and the Personal Operating System

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In another relevant aspect of the analogy, our bio-computers are also connected to the external world by a kind of wireless system. Each of us receives signals and information via our senses, where we see, read, hear, feel, taste and smell things that are beyond the territory of who we are. In turn, we communicate, transmit, and broadcast signals, feelings, and messages through these same five senses.


Every time we see or hear information through various media — be it television, the newspaper, books, radio, or when we come into contact with another person or group — our bio-computer kicks in to upload and/or download information.


Our bio-computer reacts to the information, mediating our positive, neutral or negative thoughts and feelings. Our POS is us, and it includes our personas, integrity, values, personality, attitudes behaviors, likes and dislikes. Our POS is also how other people perceive and judge us as people who are good to be close to, or as people to shy away from.


Like all operating systems, our POS includes a set of desirable attributes, which we call virtues. These virtues allow one’s POS to smoothly operate in its environment, where one’s POS operates in at least two different environments: by ourselves and with the people we interact with.


This whole set of environments, if we extend the analogy further, could be thought of as our local area network.


When we come into contact with others, our POS gets connected and we influence each other’s POS. These networks are everywhere, and they exist whenever there are others nearby. This connection also exists when information is disseminated through newspaper, memos, television or other media.


We believe that a virtuous POS in a network of others makes the system run smoothly. As a result, peace, calm, joy, happiness, and positive energy gets circulated throughout the network. When the POS from another person does not connect smoothly — because it contains repellant characteristics (the viruses) — this is expressed through anxiety, anguish, distraction, and can drain everyone’s energy.










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