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Bio-computers and the Personal Operating System

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For thousands of years and with varying degrees of success, leaders, teachers and parents have tried to convey the inherent goodness of virtues and values to their pupils, followers and children. These elders didn’t lack passion, stamina, patience or intelligence, but what they lacked was an easy-to-understand model they could use to explain why a virtuous behavior was more than something that was simply ‘nice to have’.


The challenge, or so it seems to us, has always been to successfully explain why these values are things that pupils, followers and children must have. To address this difficult question in a classroom setting, we suggest that students imagine that their brains are like bio-computers. Since our brains are ours, we called our brains our personal bio-computers.


We collect data, process information, analyze situations, make decisions, solve problems, get things done through other people, and we motivate, think, talk, move, act and behave. We also use our brains to decide the content of what we say, and to consider the consequences of our actions and other people’s reaction to our behaviors. It is an enormously complicated operation and system of communications and processes. In operating our personal bio-computer, then, it’s helpful to imagine that we also use an operating system. We’ve called this our personal operating system (POS).


Through this combination of ‘bio-hardware’, ‘bio-firmware’, and ‘bio-software’, we manage and carry out mental, physical and biological activity. With this set of programs, we manifest our values, character, personality, attitudes, behaviors, likes, dislikes, fears and insecurities.


Our POS controls our drives and passions. In short, our POS is us. Our POS is such an integrated part of our being, that most people aren’t aware what it is, that it’s a part of who we are, what we do with it, and what it does. Importantly, until the personal computer came along, it was difficult for most people to talk about and understand the concept of an operating system.










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