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Repellant Character Traits: The Death Sentence for Entrepreneurship

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We believe that people will hire you for what you can do, they’ll respect you for what you are, but will only trust you if they know what you will not do to them!


The core message is this: repellant characters destroy trust.


If you doubt the validity of this core assertion, consider the following questions. Would you follow or trust someone who:


  • Is unkind to you?

  • Treats you unfairly?

  • Is rude to you in front of others?

  • Gets you in trouble after making you make a mistake?

  • Lies to you?

  • Betrays you?

  • Leaves you alone to face the music?

  • Is corrupt?

  • Has no sense of shame?

  • Acts badly towards their parents?

  • Is bad to their brothers or sisters?

  • Refuses to correct their mistakes?

  • Holds a grudge against you for months?


An entrepreneur must purge the viruses from his or her POS (personal operating system). These viruses are the opposite of some very old-fashioned virtues, some that may not seem particularly flashy or cutting edge. On the other hand, the anti-virtues or viruses are certainly repulsive.


The virtues are nice-to-haves, but the viruses are must-not-haves. An entrepreneur with these viruses won’t survive very long or go very far. Sooner or later, employees, customers, investors and suppliers will find out and abandon the leader and his or her venture.








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