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Repellant Character Traits: The Death Sentence for Entrepreneurship

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Repellant Character Traits Destroy Trust.


At the beginning of any company, the basic ingredient that keeps any startup going is the trust between the entrepreneur and his or her staff, investors, business partners and customers. That is why an entrepreneur with any of the repellant characters could and will cause irreparable damage to the prospects of the startup.


An entrepreneur can’t afford to repel followers. The leader of a one-man-band doesn’t need followers, so we wouldn’t call this person an entrepreneur. The one-man-band is just a lone soul trying to make a living. Entrepreneurship, for its part, is more than just another good business model or a good business plan.


Entrepreneurship has to include a set of good personal governance principles. The reason the entrepreneur must express this set of good personal governance is because the startup lacks a proven track record. The startup has no established brand and very often has close to no money.


It may have a wonderful idea, one that the founder believes in his or her guts and bones, but the stakeholders (management team, employees, suppliers, investors and customers) are basically putting their trust on the entrepreneur.


A startup is an unsure, untried and fragile situation, and in such a case, who can afford to push people away, be it staff, investors, suppliers, stakeholders or customers? What’s written on your heart will either attract or repel followers, and an entrepreneur has to know and purify the values that are engraved on his or her heart.











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